Briscoe Ministries, Inc.

This is the book ministry of Stuart and Jill Briscoe. Stuart and Jill met each other in the context of youth ministry 60 years ago when he was a Bank Examiner and she was a school teacher.  They married and based their life together on the biblical verse, “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.”  (Joshua 24: 15.) Individually and together they have written scores of books, pastored a church in the United States for thirty years, founded a media ministry called “Telling the Truth that broadcasts daily, worldwide and now in their eighties they continue to talk to anyone who will listen! They have three children and thirteen grandchildren.

All of their books are designed to instruct, inspire and involve men and women and children in the work of the Kingdom.

Many of our books are available through our ministry, Telling The Truth at

A message from Stuart and Jill Briscoe:
Thank you all for your continued patronage of our retail bookstore. We have decided to close our online store to focus our attention in other areas of ministry. Our books may be found on, CLC Publications website, and through your local Christian bookstore.
To follow our ministry or contact us, please visit Telling The Truth or Just Between Us.


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Gather your friends for coffee and dessert to read “Improving with Age”
and discuss “aging” or the significance of being a little older today than
you were this time yesterday.