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God's Front Door

God's Front Door

God's Front Door
Jill Briscoe
I glanced across the aisle and jumped.  He was sitting in the seat opposite me.  I noticed He had His seat belt on. "That's funny," I said, "You've got Your seat belt fastened."
"It's good to obey the rules," He said.
"I hate flying." I said.
"Better than riding a donkey," He remarked. "And safer!"
"We're so high up," I said looking apprehensively out of the window.
"You're nearer The Front Door up here," He responded cheerfully.
Then I was really nervous!
"Lord, it's not that I don't want to live with You forever, it's just . . . just . . ." He didn't help me out. "It's just - I wasn't expecting it to be today," I finished lamely.  He laughed again and the plane gave a lurch and a bump and another bump and I reached across the aisle and caught hold of His hand.
"This is fun," He said cheerfully. "So much better than a donkey."
"All my life I have loved poetry, and since I have come to know Jill, I have come to love her. So the combination for me is unbeatable.
It is a privilege to recommend this book for your pleasure, enrichment and inspiration.
- Ruth Bell Graham

 This book is the first of Jill's four "little books" that include her private conversations with her heavenly Father (like above) along with her poetry.  It makes a wonderful gift and can be of great encouragement in your personal devotional time.   
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