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Deep Place

Deep Place

Deep Place
The Deep Place
Where Nobody Goes: Conversations with God on the steps of my soul
Jill Briscoe
(Foreword by Anne Graham Lotz)

The Deep Place
Where Nobody Goes

“In the precious family of God, Jill Briscoe has been my big sister for over thirty years…This little volume is like tonic to my weary prayer life. Drink deeply-and come alive to Him!”
-Anne Graham Lotz

I ran to the Deep Place where nobody goes, and found Him waiting there.
“Where have you been?” He asked me.
“I’ve been in the shallow place where everyone lives,” I replied. I knew He knew. He just wanted me to admit I’d been too busy being busy.
“I’m running out…” I began.
“Of course,” He said. “I haven’t seen you in a while.”
He sat down on the steps of my soul and smiled at me. Angels sang; a shaft of light chased away the shadows and brightened my daily day. I smiled back.
“I’m such a fool…”
“Shhh,” He said, putting His finger on my lips.
He touched my hurried heart. Startled, it took a deep breath and skidded to a near stop. My spirit nestled into nearness in the Deep Place where nobody goes.

My soul spoke, then: He answered with words beyond music. Where on Earth had I been?
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