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Flowing Streams

Flowing Streams

Flowing Streams
Journeys of a Life Well Lived
Stuart Briscoe
A flowing stream cuts its own channel.
- Major W. Ian Thomas
founder of Torchbearers International
Over the past sixty years, Stuart Briscoe's life stream has cut a very deep channel. Thousands of sermons preached. Hundreds of thousands of airline miles flown. Seven continents visited. Thousands of church members added and eight churches planted. More than forty books authored. A lifetime spent inspiring his audience with plainspoken, accessible Bible teaching.
Now Briscoe looks back over his years to share his accumulated wisdom - and the wisdom of those who have touched his life. From the insightful young World War II Army captain who wanted to know "What's your best thought today, Stuart, my boy?" to the audacious parishioner who brought prostitutes to church, they are all here. These are real people and real stories - of lessons learned, mistakes made, midcourse corrections undertaken, pats on the head and kicks in the pants administered and received. All had an impact on the life of Stuart Briscoe.
And that's the point. While each of us wonders about the significance of our own lives, Briscoe reassures us that in ways large and small we are making a difference. Every life matters; each of us is impacting others in ways that can't be fathomed . . . without the perspective of a lifetime. The key is in awareness. When you understand you have a significant part to play in the grand cosmic flow of the Spirit, it emboldens you to find your own unique calling to God's work - and to cut your own channel.
Writing for the first time about his own life, this beloved pastor has an engaging narrative to share. And while his stream flows from the twentieth century, Stuart Briscoe has a fresh, vibrant message for the twenty-first century Christians. Flowing Streams is not about one man's life - it's about each life. It is a vision of what one person can be and do, what God can call a single person to accomplish in His name. It is sage, it is poignant ... it is Stuart Briscoe's legacy.
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