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Brave Enough to Follow

Brave Enough to Follow

Brave Enough to Follow
What Jesus Can Do When You Keep Your Eyes On Him
Stuart Briscoe
Answering the Master's Call
Simon Peter was an ordinary Galilean fisherman. Yet Jesus saw something in this bold tradesman. In Peter, Christ saw the opportunity to build His church. What does He see in you?
The Master knew that Peter would do much more with his life than just catch dinner for his countrymen - he would courageously lead the church and its efforts to share the gospel across the globe. Looking closely at the metamorphosis of Peter, this book and Bible study from Stuart Briscoe encourages us to discover our specific place in the kingdom.
God can use our latent abilities to bring about His purposes in our families, small groups, businesses, and church - if we're brave enough to follow Him wherever He leads.
"The story of Simon Peter's tumultuous three-year journey with Jesus wonderfully illustrates how, because Peter learned to follow, he was transformed into someone qualified to lead. It all started when Jesus told him, "Follow me and I'll make you." Peter did and Jesus made him! There's a lesson here for everyone.
-John C Maxwell   author, speaker, founder of the INJOY Group
"This is the encouragement each of us needs. In his moving commentary, Stuart shows us that if we keep our eyes on Jesus and follow Him, He can take someone who is quite inadequate and develop us into a vital part of God's kingdom, just as He did with Peter."
- Tom Philllips   Vice President of Crusades and Training
                         Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
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