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One Year's Devotional for Men

One Year's Devotional for Men

One Year's Devotional for Men
The One Year Book Of Devotions For Men
365 thought-provoking readings
Stuart Briscoe
Bible Reading Squeezed Out?
The struggle you're facing to read the Bible daily is normal. This book is not. Written by a man for men, this devotional of 365 daily readings will help you make Bible reading a priority.
This page-a-day devotional was created just for you. Best-selling author Stuart Briscoe focuses on men's spiritual needs without being stuffy or stodgy. One minute you're laughing - the next minute you're zapped with the high voltage of transforming truth. Best of all, the handy format will help you make Bible reading the priority it should be.
Convenient, concise, and practical - this book will reenergize your commitment to God's Word. The Scripture index and key verses are right at your fingertips. Plus, you can start any day of the year. Like today.
Look for the CD in the back!
It contains FREE editions of this book for:
    *     Peanut Reader (Palm OS)   
    *    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    *    Microsoft Reader
(PC and MAC Compatible)
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