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One Year's Devotional for Women

One Year's Devotional for Women

One Year's Devotional for Women
365 inspirational readings
Jill Briscoe
DO YOU STRUGGLE with reading the Bible daily?
You'll love the Fresh Perspectives - written by a woman, for women that Jill Briscoe brings to God's Word each and every day.
With the One Year Devotions for Women, you'll never wonder what to do when you sit down to connect with God.
Each day focuses on a key verse in the Bible. Jill's inspiring devotional thought for the day will draw you to God's Word day after day.
Now it's your turn to experience refreshment in your relationship with God.
Start any day the One Year way.
Every One Year book is designed for people who live busy, active lives. Just pick it up and start on today's date.
Daily routine doesn't have to be drudgery. One Year devotionals help you form positive habits that connect you to what's most important.
Discover a natural rhythm for drawing near to God in an extremely personal way. One Year devotionals provide daily focus essential to your spiritual growth.
It's convenient and easy to grow with God the One Year way.
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