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Preach It

Preach It

Preach It
Stuart Briscoe
Turn survival into Success with this guide to Preaching
Who wouldn't want to be an all-around better preacher? Here are vital tips and ideas that are great for new pastors, seminary students, or any pastor who is feeling overwhelmed!
"Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more needed in the church today than powerful preaching of God's Word. Here a powerful preacher shares both his heart and his secrets, in ways that are helpful to anyone entering the pulpit."
-Os Guinness    author of The Call
"If you read only one book on preaching, this one should be it! I couldn't put it down! Stuart Briscoe is refreshingly honest, uncompromisingly truthful, practically helpful, personally relevant, and totally encouraging to those who strive to just "Preach It."
-Anne Graham Lotz
"Stuart Briscoe is one of the greatest preachers of our time, and I am so glad that he has given us the gift of Preach It! What a treasure of wisdom and insight! This wonderful book is stimulating and practical, and it will move your heart. If you take preaching seriously, then this book is for you!"
- Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.      Author, Preacher, Radio Host
Associate Director, Campus Crusade For Christ, U.S.A.
"While many of us are called to preach, there are few who show us how! Stuart Briscoe is a mentor par-excellence to all of us 'want-to-be-better' preachers."
- Dr. Joseph M. Stowell,    President, Moody Bible Institute
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