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Harrow Sparrow

Harrow Sparrow

Harrow Sparrow
This is a book to help children understand a little about suffering. We cannot promise our children that nothing harmful will ever happen to them, much though we would dearly love to do so. But we can assure them that "if" and "when" hard times come, their Heavenly Father will not leave them alone. Believing children can be taught to know a God who has suffered Himself and therefore understands how it feels. If children can learn to lean their little heads on the Father's breast, they will find him to be a "very present help in times of trouble."

After all, the Sparrow Maker did not promise the birds that a sparrow would never fall - but He did promise them that a sparrow would never fall without the Father (Matt. 10:29b). That promise provides the scriptural basis for this story. The birds are used to tell the truth of human experience over again in a fresh and jarring way.

In our day and age small children soon discover that the world we live in can be a big, bad place. It is the privilege of Christian parents to introduce them to a great, loving, and ever-present God!

Your children can have this special book read to them by Jill Briscoe by using the 2 CD's that are included with the book.
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