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I Caught a Little, Big Fish

I Caught a Little, Big Fish

I Caught a Little, Big Fish
Fishing For Faith in the Heart of Your Child
As a caring parent, you know that the most important catch of all is right in your own pond . . . your child. You fervently pray that each of your children will grow up to love God passionately and serve him whole-heartedly.
I Caught a Little, Big Fish offers numerous, practical insights for nurturing your child's faith. Written in a conversational style by a mother/daughter team, this book shows you how to:
                *    pray for your child
                *    explain theological concepts to children of all ages
                *    lead your child to Christ
                *    help your child develop a lasting relationship with God
Best of all, the authors will show you that it is possible to rear your children in a Christian home without "turning them off" to spiritual things.
"Jill Briscoe and Judy Briscoe Golz have written a wonderfully readable and engaging book that simply overflows with solid biblical principles that are immediately applicable to daily living."
                                        Dr. Jay Kesler, President, Taylor University
"This book is an exquisite blend of the minds and hearts of two generations. Jill and Judy share insights into not only what to do but how to be people after God's own heart."
                                      Eleanor Barzler, Winning Women, Inc.
"A storehouse of stories, models, and insights from a mother and daughter who are practical, wise, and thoroughly biblical."
                                        Harold Mya, President, Christianity Today, Inc.
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