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Desert of Hardship, Water of Hope

Desert of Hardship, Water of Hope

Desert of Hardship, Water of Hope






Do you sometimes feel that the odds are stacked against you in your relationships? God is on your side. He can help you to survive in the desert of hardships by bringing you the hope of His life-giving truths.


In this book, internationally know author and speaker Jill Briscoe and her daughter, Judy Golz, examine God's Word in light of difficult relationships. Focusing on the biblical account of Hagar and Ishmael, the reader is led through the maze of incredible disappointments, pressures, and even abandonment to a safe place that God has prepared.


Written in a personal conversational style, Desert of Hardship, Water of Hope tackles the toughest issues and show you how God's Word can help you overcome in the midst of trying times. Each chapter concludes with an application section that will help you practice the biblical principles you've learned - either personally or through group study. There are even practical program ideas for your church.


You don't have to keep wandering in the desert of hardship. Discover the hope God has for you in His Word. Against all odds, you can find peace.
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