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Married For Life

Married For Life

Married For Life
My premarital counseling came from my father-in-law elect who, when I aked him if I could marry Jill, said with a mildly surprised expression, "Of course you can."  Then after a pause he sighed and said, "All you need to remember is, don't expect anything logical!" --  Stuart
Somehow I had imagined that having a "Mrs." on our marriage certificate would transform me into some sort of wonderful domestic genius overnight. --  Jill
The old adage of "opposites attract" is certainly true of Jill and Stuart Briscoe. He is a pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts man; she a visionary with a heart for people. From the beginning, these two personalities have had much to learn about each other. Married for Life brims with delightfully funny and poignant stories of everything from the first time they met to the heart-to-heart talks of their engagement and the celebrations of the honeymoon. But that didn't end the surprises. Throughout the seasons of changing ministries, jobs, and raising three children, God has taken them from one continent to another and, step by step, into the richness of faithful, growing love.
Married for Life is their story. As you laugh with them, cry with them, and identify with their ups and downs, you'll be encouraged to celebrate your own marriage and family.
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